Offline Documentation and Snippets for Programming Languages and Frameworks: Dash

I just came across an awesome tool for developers that makes the documentation of all major programming languages, frameworks and libraries available offline on your computer: Dash

You can download the full documentations to your computer for offline use. From PHP to Python, MySQL, Zend, django, TYPO3, CSS, HTML, drupal to SASS and many more. They automatically update themselves, so that you always have the latest versions. Afterwards, you can browse them using a local fulltext search. This makes it even faster than looking up code snippets and other documentation via Google search. Google and Stackoverflow search results are also implemented in the app.

On top, you don’t even have to rely on an internet connection, which makes you completely location independent with your workplace. That was one of the main reasons I could not work in locations with slow internet connections, such as coffee shops etc.

This program is now added to my list of favorite tools to work with.

It is available for Mac OS and comes with a fully functional free version. (You only have to wait a couple of seconds for search results every now and then). The full version without delayed search results costs 17,99 EUR.

You can download the app from the AppStore here: Dash

S/RENE Music Production and Drum Recording Studio launches Fully Responsive Website

Sirene TonstudioWhen music producer and audio engineer Janosch Brenneisen joined the Sirene Tonstudio in 2010, the studio changed its focus to music production and drum recording.

With a large network in the music scene, they have worked with stars like Geier Sturzflug, Hagen Rether, DJ Bobo and upcoming stars from “The Voice of Germany”.

If you are looking for a state of the art music production studio or you want to have drums under your tracks that kick ass, you should definitely check them out.

I created their new website based on Drupal. It has a fully responsive HTML5 user interface, which provides an intuitive experience for the users across all devices.

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