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How to Install PostgreSQL with PostGIS on Amazon EC2 Linux

I recently ran into some problems running PostgreSQL with PostGIS on Amazon EC2 Linux when I tried to update the software. So I decided to write a little guide about how you can install PostgreSQL with PostGIS without any unexpected downtimes.

Note: If you plan to run PostgreSQL with PostGIS in the Amazon Cloud, I would preferably choose their managed database service RDS, for which they announced support of PostgreSQL and PostGIS just a couple of weeks ago. However, if you need to run the database with other software on the same machine or if you want to install your own server for other reasons, the following guide might help you. Read More…

SSL vs Ad Industry – Problems Integrating Ads on Secure Websites

When we wanted to integrate the big ad and affiliate networks on our website, I was very surprised about the lack of SSL support. Most of the ad network providers either did not offer SSL support at all or could not guarantee that all assets that needed to be loaded could be served over a secure HTTPS connection.

When we implemented those services, occasionally an asset (image or video ads) would be loaded over HTTP. This caused a serious warning about insecure content to appear on the client side, which led to an unacceptable user experience.

Since we have NSA affairs, hacked website reports on a daily basis and other security breaches to deal with, I really would have expected a full support of HTTPS by many more ad providers. Hopefully, they will add that in the near future to make the web a more secure place.

For now, we have integrated Plista on unserort, but are considering to change our server configurations to serve content via HTTP. That way we can add a broader range of ad providers to our site for better monetization.

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